Sunday, 13 July 2008



My ridiculously long nails have been in the wars this weekend , well I guess clearing a derelict garden and laying a vinyl floor are tough on the hands. So I had to rescue them and I revamped them too. Today I combined my Nobility soak off gels with some products from the LeChat powder gel system. I trimmed off about 6 mm from the length of my nails as they were becoming a little unmanageable, but now they seem so short !

step 1.

My old product was filled off, cuticles tidied and i prep my nails by cleansing with LeChat gel spray and a thin coat of prime bond on the natural nail.


I use Regal Red Nobility soak off gel and apply it to 2/3 of the nail with a fading edge toward the cuticle. Cure for 1 minute.

step 3.

iIapply a thin coat of clear Nobilily gel and press on some crushed seashell to the regal red areas.

Cure 1 minute.

step 4.

I apply a little more clear Nobility gel to secure some LeChat precious leaves and cure for a further 1 minute.

step 5.

I added a final coat of clear Nobility gel and build an apex for strength and then I sprinkle on some LeChat stardust gel powder for a very subtle twinkle. Cure fully for 2-3 minutes.

step 6.

I spent a couple of minutes refining the shape with a 180 grit file and after cleansing off the filing dust I apply LeChat gelee top coat. After 2 minutes in the U.V lamp the sticky inhibition layer can be cleansed off with the LeChat gel spray.

step 7 .

Finally some cucumber cuticle oil is applyed to nourish the surrounding skin.

Saturday, 5 July 2008


Inspired by the look of my clients ruby wedding nails, I have redone my toes with a similar theme.
I use LeChat Nobility gel on toes for a really flexible durable finish that is easy to apply and needs maintaining only every 4 to 6 weeks. It doesn't chip or flake off even in the sea or pool or if you have to wear shoes and boots.
step 1.
Sanitise the feet with the LeChat spray . Remove cuticle from the nails and gently file shine off the natural nails. Spray and wipe clean and then apply the nobility primebond.
step 2.
Apply 1 coat of LeChat Nobility soak off gel in regal red.
step 3.
Sprinkle on red glitter. I put mine in a cheap salt pot for added accuracy. Excess glitter may be returned to its container since the feet have been fully sanitised.
step 4.
Cure the gel in a 9 watt u.v lamp for 2-3 minutes.
step 5.
Brush off excess glitter.
step 6.
Apply clear gel and press on the gem.
step 7.
Cure for 2-3 minutes
Spray and wipe away the inhibition layer with the LeChat gel spray. Apply LeChat cuticle oil in your choice of fragrance.


This week a very dear client of mine, Annette Holowell celebrates her Ruby Wedding Anniversary with her husband Paul.

Annette wears her nails with pride and is never one to hide behind an ordinary french manicure, rather, she matches her nails to her vibrant personality and upbeat outlook on life. Her appointment is always one I look forward to and I wish Annette and Paul many congratulations on 40 years of marriage together.