Sunday, 26 October 2008


The rich orange glitter and the little spots put me in mind of tiger lillies. This set was done with the new LeChat Xtraseal gel, soon to be available from

Step 1.

The previous gel is buffed down.

The nails are cleaned and prepared for application.

Step 2.

A thin coat of clear gel is applied and glitter is dabbed onto the wet gel using a brush lightly moistened with a little gel.

Cure for 2 minutes.

Step 3.

Forms are applied and pinched tightly together at the required length.

Step 4.

Clear sculpting gel is used to form the tip extension and black sequin dots are pressed into the gel before curing for 2 minutes.

Step 5.

Remove the forms and clip away any excess gel with nail clippers.

Wipe the nails and file the tip to an aproximate shape.

This will help acheive a better final shape when the next layer of gel is applied.

Step 6.

Apply more clear gel to seal the design and build the apex for strength.

Cure for 2 minutes.

Wipe away the sticky layer and file and buff to final shape.

Clean away all filing dust with LeChat gel cleanser spray.

Step 7.

Coat the nails with finishing gel and press in the black flower decorations.

Cure for 2 minutes.

Spray and wipe the nails and finish with LeChat cuticle oil.


I have been experimenting with the new range of Xtreme sculpting gels from LeChat.

The gels are easy to use because they are thick but still maintain self leveling qualities.

Step 1.

Nails are prepared and a coat of clear gel is applied.

Purple glitter is added to the tip area, dabbed into place with a brush lightly moistened with gel.

Cure 2 minutes.

Step 2.

Forms are fitted.

Step 3 .

Clear sculpting gel is added to the tip area to extend the length and silver stars are embedded into the gel before curing for 2 minutes.

Step 4.

Forms are removed and the tip shape is roughly formed with a file.

Step 5.

Gel is added to seal the design and build an apex.

Cure for 2 minutes.


Wipe with LeChat gel cleanser and file the nails to the finished shape.

Apply gloss gel and cure for a final 2 minutes.

Wipe away the sticky layer and finish with cuticle oil.

Saturday, 25 October 2008


Its very simple to make your own range of customised nail gel colours with the LeChat range of colour gels. All the gels are compatible with one another and a variety of effects can be acheived, but my particular favourites are combinations of LeChats soak off Nobility colour gels mixed with the pearl drops shade from the same range. This photo shows the colours I started with and then the resulting colour when mixed with aproximately equal amounts of pearl drops. Store your colour mixes in opaque jars.

Saturday, 11 October 2008


numbers 31 to 60 are LECHAT NOBILITY SOAK OFF GEL

31 Pomagranate
32 Balerina pink
33 Pure white
34 Ocean view
35 Cream
36 Strawberry shortcake
37 Gala ball
38 Gold mine
39 Flamingo dream
40 Ruby ring
41 Tickled pink
42 Gallery red
43 Tangerine
44 Pearl drops
45 Ocean cruise
46 Regal red
47 Sweet truffle
48 Rose sorbet
49 Flying angels
50 Va va voom
51 Lemon brite
52 Lots of love
53 Iris blue
54 Frozen heat
55 Festival
56 Orange pumpkin
57 Tame leopard
58 Sassy pink
59 Savvy glitz
60 Spritzer

Tuesday, 16 September 2008


This set of halloween nails is constructed in the reverse sculpting technique with u.v gel. This method makes it easier to acheive the extended nail bed and the extreme smile line. All products from


Step 1.
The nails are prepared by removing all non living tissue and dehydratet ready for the product application.


Step 2.

A coat of pink gel is applied and some irridescent spangles are added to the tip area and faded out towards the base of the nail. Cure for 2 minutes. The free edge is then filed into the shape of the new smile line. If your client doesnt have a long free edge to work with, apply forms and use the pink sculpting gel to extend the nails and then file them into the shape of the new smileline.


Step 3.

Forms are fitted and a thin layer of clear gel is used to extend the free edge. Cure for 2 minutes.


step 4.

The forms are removed and flourescent orange gel is added to the new sculpted tip. The gel I used really glows in ultra violet light and is part of a range of colour gels by LeChat. The orange gel self levels around the new smile line. Cure 2 minutes.


Step 5.

Using a small amount of clear gel secure some stars randomly on the nails. Freeze cure for 20 seconds. Now use a little more clear gel to place first, a light application of orange glitter to the tips and a little black glitter around the smile line. Cure for 2 minutes.


Step 6.

Cleanse the nails and paint spiders on some of them with black acrylic paint. Add eyes with white and red acrylic paint. Allow to dry.


Step 7.

Clear gel is applied to build a strong apex and the nails are cured for a further 2 minutes. Cleanse away the sticky layer and file to the desired shape. Cleanse again and gloss the nails with a top coat gel and cure.


Step 8 .

On the nails painted with spiders, apply 2 little beads of clear sculpting gel over the body of the spiders to give them a 3d effect. Cure for 2 minutes and wipe off the sticky inhibition layer, then replenish the surrounding skin with cuticle oil.

Friday, 12 September 2008


We as nailtechs are our own advertising. Being a little more imaginative with our own nails often gives our clients new inspiration.

I almost always use LeChats Nobility soak off gel on my own nails as I find it so easy to apply to myself. Currently I am wearing the beautiful magenta shade called Gala Ball. Additionally I have applied some very simple [as I have to do it with my left hand] 3d acrylic nail art in the form of pale yellow orchids. They form such a striking colour contrast and have lead to many a compliment.

They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery and I'm glad to say that one of my clients was inspired to put her own slant on the look with a variation on the theme.


I have had huge success with the Nail Architecture range of acrylic liquid and powders from LeChat and in around 2 more weeks, so can you. the range will then be available to qualified nail technicians throughout the u.k from the British distributors


Not sure if anyone has noticed, but there has been a bit of a standstill on my blog. I've been a bit poorly, been on holiday and been really busy training my students and in the salon too. So heres a glimpse of what I've been doing.

Sunday, 13 July 2008



My ridiculously long nails have been in the wars this weekend , well I guess clearing a derelict garden and laying a vinyl floor are tough on the hands. So I had to rescue them and I revamped them too. Today I combined my Nobility soak off gels with some products from the LeChat powder gel system. I trimmed off about 6 mm from the length of my nails as they were becoming a little unmanageable, but now they seem so short !

step 1.

My old product was filled off, cuticles tidied and i prep my nails by cleansing with LeChat gel spray and a thin coat of prime bond on the natural nail.


I use Regal Red Nobility soak off gel and apply it to 2/3 of the nail with a fading edge toward the cuticle. Cure for 1 minute.

step 3.

iIapply a thin coat of clear Nobilily gel and press on some crushed seashell to the regal red areas.

Cure 1 minute.

step 4.

I apply a little more clear Nobility gel to secure some LeChat precious leaves and cure for a further 1 minute.

step 5.

I added a final coat of clear Nobility gel and build an apex for strength and then I sprinkle on some LeChat stardust gel powder for a very subtle twinkle. Cure fully for 2-3 minutes.

step 6.

I spent a couple of minutes refining the shape with a 180 grit file and after cleansing off the filing dust I apply LeChat gelee top coat. After 2 minutes in the U.V lamp the sticky inhibition layer can be cleansed off with the LeChat gel spray.

step 7 .

Finally some cucumber cuticle oil is applyed to nourish the surrounding skin.