Thursday, 22 May 2008


The LeChat booth was absolutely buzzing at the Olympia Beauty Show this weekend.

It seems that the word has spread about LeChat nails products and we saw many people who are not satisfied with their current products performance or pricing that had been recomended the LeChat products.

We were so busy at our last show that we draughted in more educators this time, and visiting from the U.S.A were Yvette Holt, international educator and the owner of LeChat Nails Newton Luu.
Photos from the top...
[l-r] Tracy [Norwich], Vanessa [Cardiff], myself [Northampton] and Yvette [USA]
[l-r] Newton Luu, myself and Yvette Holt
[l-r]Julie-Ann[Norwich], Tracy[Norwich], Newton [owner LeChat Nails], me, and Yvette[USA]
A rather strange shot of Lanelle[Spain] and me, I'm sure shes not that much smaller than me in real life!

Friday, 16 May 2008


Heres a shot of the finished nails.


I'm working this weekend in London at the Olympia exhibition centre.

I'll be giving visitors a sneak preview of the new LeChat acrylic liquid and powder range, Nail Architecture.

These are my own nails for the show. The main body of the nail is done with gel and the embelishments with the new liquid and powder product.

1. prep and prime the nail [ from the top. pic no 5]

2. apply clear gel and add lechat precious leaves [pic no 6] and crushed shells. cure 2 mins. [pic no 7]

3. fit form and pinch together where you want to form the point of the nail. [excuse my poor work, remember i had to do it with only one hand !] [pic no 8]

4. apply lechat fairydust gel to form the pointed tip, overlap slightly on to the free edge of the natural nail. cure 2 mins. [pic no 9]

5. file the tip to shape.[top pic]

6. build the nail to form a good apex with clear gel. [pic no 2]

7. file finish to perfect the shape. clean nail.

8. apply lechat nail architecture design polymer to create leaves and petals.[ pic no 4]

9. finish with lechat protech non cleansing gel top coat. [pic no 3]

Monday, 12 May 2008


Its nearly here !

The latest range of products from lechat are on their way to the U.K

I've been taking advantage of being the only person in the country to have the products, and can confirm that the new liquid and powder Nail Architecture range is every bit as good as LeChats fabulous gel line.

The range will be on sale to nail professionals very soon and there will be a sneak preview of the products at the Olympia beauty show next weekend.

Until then, here are some nails that i have done with the Nail Architecture acrylic.