Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Here I am working on my student Sharon

I hope you enjoy the photos of the lLeChat playday event in Northampton. It was an informal atmosphere and we had loads of fun experimenting with the whole range of LeChat nail products.
Everyone had a try with powder gel, soak off gel and acrylic. It was great for us all to network with other technicians and learn from one another. Thanks to everyone who was there for making the event such a success.

Me starting to demonstrate a 3d acrylic flower on a sculpted nail

Student applies tangerine glow acrylic.

Student practicing pink and white application.

This student prepares for Nail Architecture acrylic application.

Student at work.

We sampled all the LeChat systems

Overseeing work, look how strict I am !

students work, rockstar toes with nobility soak off colour gel and glitter


LeChat Playday Photos

Well for a long time I thought I had lost the photos for this event, but I have tracked them down and thought I would show you a little bit of what went on. Thanks to Vanessa for taking the pics.

I think you'll get a glimpse of the fun we had !

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Every one using nobility will benefit from adding a pot of black lust to their colour collection.

Apart from being useful in its own right [it looks awesome on my toes topped with nobility gold jewels], its really great for adding to other colours to acheive those rich dark colours all your clients want.

Ihave demonstrated here with 1 part black lust added to 2 parts of the main colour to give you an idea of what you can acheive.
Top to bottom , wine tasting, red wine and sweet sixteen with the mix colour in the smaller pot beside it.


Heres the new colours in Nobilty for all those who have been asking. Theres a few more to come but I dont have them yet. These colour charts are filled from the back with gel so its quite a thick application. Thinner coats will give a lighter colour. I would say that in real life the colours are a little more vibrant than they appear on these shots, but i hope they give you a reasonable idea.
1. my fair lady
2. pink corvette
3. pink affair
4. beige
5.beach bikini
6.blush pink
7. sly fox
8. true lust
9. sweet sixteen
10. wine tasting
11. red wine
12. mixed candy
13. solar flare
14. lemon tart
15. lime pie
16. blue blast [this one appears almost black on the chart but is really a lovely deep blue]
17. black lust
18.silver flakes
19. silver shimmer
20. diamond reflections
21. gold jewels