Sunday, 30 March 2008




2 weeks have passed since I did my own nails and I'm fed up with being pretty in pink !

Time for something a little more daring I think.

After soaking of my old glitz spritz nobility gel , I prepared all my nails for a new overlay of soak off gel. Doing 3 D encapsulated roses is well within my capabilities on a client, but on myself it takes on a bit more of a challenge due to not being ambidextrous. So I have be sneaky and think of a way round it.

STEP 1. Place a small bead of clear soak off gel on a curved surface covered with a nail form and cure. Wipe off the sticky layer.

STEP 2. Sculpt 3 dimensional roses with black liquid and powder acrylic on the cured gel.

STEP 3. Apply Nobility soak off gel in LEMON BRITE from the glitz spritz series to nails and place black rose decorations as required. Add small black spangles. Cure.

STEP 4. Build nails with clear nobility gel to enclose the 3d roses and give a good shape to the nail.

STEP 5. Buff to smooth, cleanse and then apply a final layer of nobility clear gel and cure .

STEP 6. Wipe off sticky inhibition layer and apply cuticle oil.

Saturday, 29 March 2008


Heres a quick photo of the nails I did for my mum this week. She's 65 but she still has quite young looking hands and always likes something colourful on her nails.

Saturday, 22 March 2008


I've had some lovely clients this week , so I thought I'd post some of the highlights.
Of course I also do many natural and french sets but I love a little bit of something fancy and thats what I'm known for in my area.


Today, after a really busy week of nails, I got some time to experiment with some extreme nails.

My design will be entered into a competition for a design stiletto type nail. I cant post the picture of the design I entered until after the competition, but here is a shot of the design I rejected.

Monday, 17 March 2008


I'm currently searching for someone with beautiful hands who is interested in modeling for nail shots. You dont need long nails because these will be enhanced for the photograph, but i'm looking for slender fingers and nice skin .If you think you could be the one I'm searching for please email a picture of your hands to

The new GLITZ SPRITZ collection.

At long last I've had a chance to re-do my own nails. Previously I had been wearing LeChat Nobility soak off colour gel in Sweet Truffle which is a lovely warm chestnut colour. It has lasted well, its over 3 weeks since i did anything to my nails and I have to admit I'm a bit poor on my own aftercare.
Ive fallen in love with the new colection of glittering soak of gels from the soon to be released Glitz Spritz series by LeChat. I'm now sporting a lovely set of twinkling pink natural nail overlays.
Until i tried soak off gels, I never really enjoyed doing my own nails. But with these gels its really simple to get my nails looking good in a relatively short time because now I have mastered the application I do not need to do any finish filing.

Sunday, 9 March 2008

me with tracy robinson, managing director of lechat nails u.k

meeting on 8th march with tracy robinson, managing director of lechat nails uk

experiments with nail architecture acrylic and new glittering gels


Today i had a very important meeting with the managing director of LeChat nails U.K.

Exciting things are afoot in the range of professional nail enhancement products by LeChat.
We were priviledged to be sent advance samples by the owner of the company in the U.S.A of fantastic new products that are about to be released for sale.
We tested liquid and powder acrylics from the new Nail Architecture range by LeChat. The products are lovely to work with and give great results. As well as the performance of the product being great, the packaging is fabulous. The powders come in beautiful square crystal like jars that look very classy on the nail desk.
Additionaly we had a chance to use the new range of sparkling soak off gels that have been addded to the Nobility range. Ive not seen anything quite like these gel products before and they are certainly unmatched in the world of soak off gels.

We spent the whole day training with the new products and experimenting with the new ranges.